It’s hard to believe it’s been ten months since I first wrote about my journey to the metaverse. I’ve since gone much deeper into various rabbit holes. The last couple of weeks were no exception.

I joined an incredible 13-week Web3 bootcamp and community for women and non-binary folks called SheFi.

I attended ETHDenver.

At my first event (a side event hosted by Eve Wealth), I participated in a cacao ceremony (I now love Legacy Cacao) and had an unexpectedly profound response. The ceremony’s focus on presence and love quickly brought not sad, but connected tears and brief physical feelings of supportive invisible hands grasping my head. While I believe in spirits and think my aunt’s spirit occasionally visits and knocks things off tables mysteriously, I do not recall ever feeling like I was physically being touched by something I couldn’t see before.

Next up was an afternoon with SheFi!

I left for Denver with some shattered confidence for various reasons, and was thrilled and grateful to reconnect with serendipity and synchronicity while there in the form of some incredibly supportive visual cues in several locations.

Then a bunch of sessions at Spork Castle…

I almost went to a couple of parties. I had a ticket for an event at Meow Wolf and managed to put together a super funky-cute outfit. And I LOVE Meow Wolf. But my introvert self was out of steam and I couldn’t quite get myself out the door. Jammies won.

My last event, another side event called HAV3N, was one of the most impactful. CryptoBabes and F3 created and held space for an incredible group of women panelists working in Web3 at a woman-owned gallery called Leon.

While I’m still recovering from whatever non-COVID illness I picked up in a crowd of 10-30,000 people (estimates vary), it was 100% worth attending. Can’t wait for next year!

Re: banner image, thank you to 0x Labs for the beautiful bracelet that reads, “Women will tokenize the world.”