A headshot of a white woman in her 40s wearing a colorful printed top and a black sweater. She wears patterned glasses and her brown hair is in a bun.

About Becca Williams

she/her/hers: why pronouns matter
Technologist/entrepreneur/intrapreneur, generative AI explorer and experimenter, artist/maker, social enterprise founder, mama, lifelong learner, prolific reader and sharer, scanner and multipotentialite, snowboarder-skier, roller skater, hiker, traveler, consultant, connector, Associate Real Estate Broker (inactive, but licensed), thought partner, NFT minter and metaverse explorer, solopreneur, wife, rural community contributor, 40-something, multi-hyphenate, empathetic, compassionate, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, Scrum facilitating (not dogmatically!), researching and architecting, certified yoga instructor, former classroom teacher, former photojournalist, domain collecting, idea generating, nerdy human.

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