Among the sea of many discussions of intentions and goals on this last day of 2022…

A friend asked me last week about my end-of-year rituals. I’m setting some loose intentions and to-dos and have recently gone through a number of inventory-taking exercises, but it’s more a matter of transitions than the date.

For example, I started a new job four months ago. I wanted to make sure I had an easy way to share interests and my career story so that I could be top of mind in the areas I’m most passionate about as new projects filled the pipeline. Inspired by one of my favorite tools for fleshing out business ideas, I explored how I might turn my consultant profile into a Lean Canvas. I was surrounded by organizational love for Figma, so that was the natural choice for a tool. Having a specific project to accomplish gave me a focused reason to dive into learning Figma. And it turns out I love it, too. I’ve shared this as a PDF with a number of people at my company, and created an interactive prototype for fun, as well.

This document is a consultant canvas, inspired by Lean Canvas and designed in Figma. It highlights career accomplishments and skills of consultant, Becca Williams, in a number of sections. Those include: summary, book on a project, industries, additional interests, software, certifications, ask her about, and by request.

There is also organizational love for a tool called Notion. While I created an account who knows when, it didn’t stick. A couple of colleagues on the project I just rolled off of were huge Notion champions, so I decided to take another look. And then went all-in on migrating seven+ years of notes from OneNote into Notion. It was incredibly manual, however, I really enjoyed revisiting unpublished writings, ideas, and goals from April of 2015 on. I got to experience my career and life journey in new ways and celebrate where I am now. The art in the header is my own and I created the avatar using Ready Player Me.

Screenshot of a page in Notion with a colorful red and orange art header with organic and flowing black lines, an embedded GIF that says "magic happens here," organizational categories that include musings, web3/metaverse, learnings, 2023, small business stuff, career stuff, family and stuff, real estate, insurance ideas, miscellaneous, and in case of emergency.There is also a photo of a dandelion (the ones that are about to blow away) at dawn or dusk.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash