It’s easy to feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface from a Web3 learning perspective, even after almost two years of my personal deep-dive. 

Below is my curated list of things I’ve found useful on that journey. 

Courses + Bootcamps

  • SheFi is a 13-week Web3 bootcamp for women and non-binary people. A single session I attended on wallets was well worth the entire program fee ($300 with scholarships also available) and would have saved me ~20 hours of research and experimentation in summer of 2021 and alleviated much fear when setting up my first crypto wallet/making my first ETH purchase.
  • I’ve enjoyed the short, digestible courses at Bankless Academy
  • I’ve heard good things about the DLT Talents programs, which are by application and free. I’m stoked to be participating in Cohort 8 this fall.
  • Alchemy University has a few technical courses, open to all and free
  • Recently completed the Designing Tokenomics 101 Course on Udemy. This will be retired soon (November 2023), but the content and resources are also available on instructor, Yosh Zlotogorski’s website, Designing Tokenomics



These are the primary resources and people I’m following from a day-to-day Web3 thought leadership perspective and I have found all incredibly valuable in recent months, even as I hit unsubscribe on many other things.

Communities, Discord Servers, and Telegram Groups

DAOs I’m Watching:


  • Consensus (discounted tickets available for developers, students, and 90% off published rates for women who buy two+ Pro or Explorer passes using the code “C24WOMEN”)
  • ETHDenver (free, interesting, and scrappy)


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash