I’m on the hunt for my next role in product management (Senior Product Manager and above), as a Chief of Staff, Entrepreneur in Residence, or as a hybrid product + program manager (W-2 or long-term contract)! Many-hats-wearing, hard-to-define, unicorn roles are my favorites. (Please scroll down to the bottom to get to my resumes.)

A white woman in her 40s with a joyful expression is wearing unique, round-framed glasses adorned with colorful patterns. She has her hair pulled back and is dressed in a vibrant, multicolored shirt that complements her playful eyewear. A beaded necklace with shades of purple adds a touch of elegance. (Alt Text generated by ChatGPT and reviewed/edited by the human author of this post.)

What I promise to you is:

  • I’m an insatiably curious, heart-centered, value-delivering, data-led, creative, and entrepreneurial technologist with strong emotional intelligence
  • Who is obsessed with creating meaningful, magical customer, user, employee, student, constituent, developer, and team mate experiences
    • isn’t afraid to say the hard things compassionately
    • has an abundance and continuous learning mindset
    • has a couple of decades of influencing without authority
  • With core values of integrity, transparency, and kindness

What I ask for is:

  • You prioritize
    • and fund justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging
    • psychological safety
    • sustainability
    • reproductive and mental health care
    • autonomy
    • transparency (salary + organizational)
    • flexibility
  • People, purpose, and planet guide you over profit. By honoring the first three, profit and financial viability are still attainable.
  • You don’t shy away from hard conversations. No bullies allowed.
  • You’ve operationalized learning
  • You listen to introverts, too
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • You’re super intentional about hiring. And your most senior executives would take pay cuts before you’d lay your people off en-masse. Layoffs are absolutely a last resort in your minds and not a BAU measure b/c you’ve overhired.
  • You accept that and encourage some of your greatest employees have side projects, businesses, and passions. As long as they don’t pose a conflict of interest for your company, you recognize that such projects can help those employees build valuable skills that benefit you, too.
  • The ability to continue working fully remotely (now in my 9th year and can travel ocasionally, as needed!)

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