It was a super hard decision to leave behind the world of working for myself last year, but the right one. In what feels like a quick flash, here I am writing about my first work anniversary.

I haven’t forgotten that I strongly felt throughout the interview process last summer that Method folks were aiming to keep me in the recruiting pipeline and not knock me out for that one little thing missing from my resume.

I’m grateful for many other things, too, like:

  • Working on consistently exciting and interesting projects with clients who love Method
  • A pretty stellar collection of client logos. I can’t remember the number of times in the last year where client names (or even Method work specifically) have popped up in popular media. It’s pretty fun when that happens. 
  • An incredibly supportive product leadership team
  • Actual transparency
  • Fiscal responsibility in a difficult economy
  • The highest concentration of brilliant and multi-talented humans of anywhere I’ve worked in my career
  • Ongoing efforts and support to build an inclusive company
  • Method’s monthly wellness budget is paying for my newly rediscovered love of roller skating
  • Leadership support and advocacy for my attendance at ETHDenver last year
  • Consistent encouragement and visibility for my now almost 2-year long Web3 learning journey
  • Autonomy to continue to build out a comprehensive Web3 research board and business case around project responsibilities
  • I spent my anniversary month day off trying to learn how to river surf
  • Great merch I’m actually proud to wear

We have some open roles. Let the recruiters know I sent you. 🙂

And we are, of course, also always building the project pipeline. Have a need for best-in-class design, engineering, and product development services? I’m not in sales, but I’d love to be able to refer you. Send me a note at b at beccawilliams dot xyz to start the conversation.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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